California State Law


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1.†† A real estate broker in California must retain copies of documents obtained by him or her in connection with a real estate transaction for:


A.3 years.

B.5 years.

C.7 years.

D.90 days.














2.†† Ron is a broker at Magic Seashell Realty.Ron collects money from a buyer to run a credit report.Which of the following may Ron do?


A.Deposit the money in his trust account until the credit report is paid for.

B.Deposit the money in his general business account until the credit report is paid for.

C.Use the money as his stake for his weekly poker game.

D.None of the above.















3.†† A salespersonís license certificate must be:


A.Carried by the salesperson at all times.

B.Retained in the main business office of the broker.

C.Displayed in the salespersonís branch office.

D.Kept in the salespersonís personal files.














4.†† An agent knows that several unmarried couples have recently moved into a neighborhood and is concerned about the impression that will make on several children that are living in the neighborhood.Which of the following is true?


A.The agent should point this out to the families with the children so that they have an opportunity to move out before their children can be influenced.

B.The agent may try to get the unmarried couples to sell their houses before they have any influence over the children.

C.If the agent tried to get the families with children to sell their houses, the agent could be guilty of panic selling.

D.The agent would be required to disclose to any prospective buyer with children that the unmarried couples are living in the neighborhood, as this would be considered a material fact.














5.†† Tammy, an agent in a real estate company in Los Angeles, is contacted by a buyer who must use a wheelchair to get around.Which of the following is true?


A.Tammy must show the buyer any house that they request seeing.

B.Tammy does not have to work with the buyer, because California does not prohibit discrimination on the basis of physical handicap.

C.Tammy should try to find neighborhoods that cater to handicapped individuals.

D.None of the above.













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