Question #8


I got a request for a carpet question, so here goes:



The buyers of the house above want to purchase new carpeting in different colors; teal in the living room, dining room and hallway, beige in the master bedroom and second bedroom, and blue in the third bedroom.  The interior dimensions of the house are 31’ x 50’.  Bedroom 2 is 12’ x 15’.  Bedroom 3 is 14’ x 15’.  The master bedroom is 15’3” x 12’.  The kitchen is 10’6” x 12’.  The master bath is 7’ x 5’6”.  The main bath is 7’ x 6’3”.  The measurements are made to the walls, not the doorways.  The bedroom carpeting will also include the space in the doorways to the hall.  All of the doorways are 3’ wide.  All of the interior walls are 3” thick.  The teal carpet is $20 per square yard.  The beige carpet is $18 per square yard.  The blue carpet is $15 per square yard.  All of the carpeted rooms except the second and third bedrooms will get padding, which is $5 per square yard.  What will it cost to carpet this house?


$2021.25     $2043.06     $2512.64     $2967.75     $3220.72     $3225.39     $3546.99     $4695.83     $9676.17

None of these answers are even close


Don’t request any more

carpet questions!


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