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Comments from instructors around the country are welcome.If there is something that should be added; if Iím wrong about something let me know.I can admit it when Iím wrong about something.Why, I was wrong once back in 1993.Anyway, letís continue on with the questions.




1.What is a variance?†† Answer

2.What is a non-conforming use?Answer

3.What are the government powers that limit ownership of property?†† Answer

4.When someone dies with no will and no heirs, that is called what?†† Answer




1.Does a contract have to be in writing to be valid?Answer

2.When can an offeror withdraw his or her offer?†† Answer

3.When does an offer become a contract?†† Answer

4.If it hasn't been accepted yet, what is the offeror's obligation?†† Answer

5.What is the definition of a contract?Answer



1.Which types of ownership NORMALLY have a right of survivorship?†† Answer

2.Which types of ownership are inheritable?†† Answer

3.Which unity does Tenancy in Common have?†† Answer

4.If tenants by the entireties get divorced, how do they hold ownership?†† Hint†† Answer

5.If somebody asks you what form of ownership they should use, what should you tell them?†† Answer




1.What is a vendor?†† Hint†† Answer

2.What is a vendee?†† Answer

3.What are the two ways a contract can be created?†† Answer

4.What are the two ways they can be expressed?†† Answer

5.What's a bilateral contract?†† Answer




1.What is the capital of Virginia?†† Answer

2.Maryland?†† Answer

3.Vermont?†† Answer

4.Montana?†† Answer

5.Washington?†† Answer


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