How to Get the Most Out of This Site


When you first visit the site, if you feel confident you can start with the General Quiz to get an idea where you might need work.  After you’ve done that once, then go through the “Extra Help” section.  This section requires more thought, which will better prepare you to answer the questions in the quizzes.  Although short, take the vocabulary quizzes next.  Then concentrate on the various quizzes.  If you feel you need help with math, go through the Math Tutor first.  It needs more work, but go as far as it goes up to this point.  (If you think you know it all, you can take the Math Challenge.)


State law quizzes are available in just a few states.  If your state is not included, TALK YOUR INSTRUCTOR INTO WRITING A FEW STATE LAW QUESTIONS FOR US.  It’s a great way to help their students.  With just a little effort, the questions will be there far into the future.  Plus, depending on what they’re willing to do, we can barter for website services and/or free advertising on


Look through our old newsletters.  Once you subscribe, you have access to all of the previous newsletters, which include many useful tools to help you pass your exam.  Once you sign up, you are also eligible for our free website drawing.  To be eligible, you must follow the terms and conditions.


There are also instructions on the site now about how to best learn vocabulary.  Knowing vocabulary terms is critical to getting through the license exam.  This will give a thorough overview of the different techniques you can use to accomplish this goal.  Click on the “Learning Vocabulary” link to go to this page.


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