Real Estate Instructors

This is your opportunity to help out your students and yourself at the same time!† If you are from a state that has less than fifteen state law questions on Your Daily Quiz, or maybe even no questions at all, we are looking for instructors to help us out by writing just 1 or 2 questions.† This website has been very successful in boosting first time pass rates for my students.† This is a great opportunity to do the same for your students without the years of effort that I have put into this so far.† Plus, to compensate you for your efforts, I will give you a free prime placement ad for your state and two counties on, which is being built up now.† Itís not a major website yet, but it is free promotion.† If you donít have a website, write five questions that I consider usable, and Iíll give you a 3 page mini-website on Realty Complete.† (Ads and mini-websites not available yet for MD, DC, VA, WV, PA or DE.)

†††† You can place the ad link under real estate agents, companies or schools, whichever you prefer, or advertise any other real estate related business listed on the site, as long as you comply with the terms and conditions for ads.† Since the links are on a different site, you wonít have to worry about sending students to† The individual instructors will be credited, but Your Daily Quiz will not advertise any real estate school or company.† We are on the Internet to make your job easier!

†††† Ads will stay on for one year or until questions written by the instructor are no longer used, whichever is longer (so it will be up at least a year, unless you ask for it to be removed).† Instructors must be actively licensed real estate agents in the state where they are teaching, and actively teaching some type of real estate class, preferably pre-licensing.† Questions must be completely original, so that no copyrights are violated.† Questions must cover state laws (we do not need any general or national questions) and multiple-choice with 4 or 5 choices (preferably 4).† We must be in agreement over what you will be doing BEFORE you write the questions.† Contact me at if you would like to help.† Doug@YDQ