How You Can Help Improve Your Daily Quiz


The quizzes on state laws have to be researched to ensure that I am providing you with accurate information.  I would like to be able to get an effective quiz on the site for every state in the country, as well as putting a few additional questions under “Search by State” at  This would make the site a much more valuable resource to you


Every “State Law” quiz that gets put on Your Daily Quiz is getting visitors.  If I did just 10 questions per state (plus D.C), that would be 510 questions (and I’d really like to do more than 10).  PLEASE tell your instructor how helpful this site is, and BEG THEM to send in JUST ONE, completely original, multiple-choice real estate law question for your state, with a brief explanation.  If we all work together, we can have a large selection fairly quickly.  If your instructor is not up to writing a question, another thing that would be helpful would be to send (from you or your instructor) a detailed explanation of a law that might be important on the state portion of the exam.  This can be sent by e-mail.  Information on agency laws in your state would be especially helpful.  Copies of the actual law itself are NOT especially helpful, because that does not explain how the law is interpreted and explained in your state.  With a detailed explanation, I will be able to formulate questions on my own.


The other thing you can do to improve the site is to spread the word, both about and  The more these sites grow in popularity, the more resources we will be able to expend to make the sites even better.  We're getting requests for help from all over the country now, and I'll be glad to help any of you out there (until I get a life anyway), but in return, let the rest of the world (or your little corner) know how helpful these sites can be.  Anyway, I wish you the best of luck in all of your educational and real estate endeavors!