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Why Sometimes the Worst Students Make the Best Agents

Working Math Problems Backwards






Finally, an article that I can put on both the agent and student newsletters!(Plus Iím pressed for time this month).This is NOT just about students struggling to get through the pre-licensing course and the license exam.The struggling student can provide a valuable lesson for someone whoís brand new in the business, or someone who has been selling real estate for twenty years.The student that people think is not going to make it, but that finds a way to succeed anyway, will find a way to succeed when they are selling.(and letís also get rid of the notion that if you fail, youíre a bad student.)


The first trait that these students have is that they decide they are going to do something, and then they work until theyíve gotten it done.People donít always find the real estate course to be as easy as they thought it would be, but for the people that donít pass the first time, the biggest deciding factor in determining whether or not a student makes it is their level of determination.In one class, two students failed their final exam with scores in the low sixties.One of the students sat in on one more class, and then was never heard from again.The second student studied hard for two weeks, retook his exam, and passed.He passed his state license exam on the first try.


The difference between the two students was in attitude and determination.The first student decided he couldnít do it.THAT was the reason that he couldnít.Once you tell yourself that you canít do something, you will be right.The second student decided that if he did whatever he had to, he would pass.He was right too.


The student that breezes through without any effort will find that thatís not a formula that will work in their real estate career.I had one student tell me that I must be a really good teacher, because she didnít do any of the reading and she only studied once before the mid-term and once before the final exam, and scored in the mid to high eighties on both tests.I never heard whether she passed her state exam on the first try (thatís not the kind of bad news people in this category will pass on), but she did pass at some point, because she showed up on my officeís agent roster about a year later.I never saw her in the office, and less than a year later, she was off of the office roster.If she put the same effort into her career that she put into the class, itís quite possible that she never sold anything at all.


Real estate is a career that requires persistence and determination.If you give up when the class doesnít go your way, what are you going to do when that first prospective sale doesnít pan out?I had one student just a couple of years ago that was in tears after failing her final, but she stuck with it as long as she had to in order to pass the course.Last year she was the top agent in her office.


Donít tell yourself you canít pass the exam, because you probably can.Donít tell yourself you canít sell anything, because you can do that too.If there is someone in your office that can make all the money they need with fifty phone calls, and youíre only getting half as much money out of it, donít quit.Make a hundred phone calls!




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