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1.   While the BROKER’S license must be prominently displayed, the license of the salesperson only has to be kept in the broker’s possession.  In MOST cases, the license would have to be turned into the superintendent if the salesperson’s employment is terminated, but you have to be careful with the word ALWAYS.  There is an exception if the salesperson goes into the armed forces.  Without the word “always,” B also would have been a correct answer, but in any case, all of the above is not correct, because the license does not have to be displayed.


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2.   Any of these CAN be exempt under certain circumstances.  The key factor is if they are doing an act of brokerage while in the regular course of their duties.  In this case, the lawyer is not selling while acting as a lawyer, they are engaging in real estate as a separate business, and therefore would be required to have a license.


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