The most important thing you need to remember when answering questions is to READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY!  A lot of people know the information, but don’t pass because they are careless.  Read every single word of the question.  One word can change the entire question.  Watch out for the word “except.”  Watch out for double negatives, like “None of the following are true except” just means ‘Which of the following is true?’  The words ‘could’ ‘would’ ‘should’ ‘may’ and ‘might’ all mean exactly what they mean.  Be careful with any word that is absolute, such as ‘must’ ‘only’ ‘always’ ‘never’ and ‘must.’  It doesn’t necessarily mean that that is not the correct answer, but if you can think of even one exception, then ‘always’ isn’t correct.  Make sure you read all of the answers before answering a question.  Sometimes one answer may look correct, but no matter how obvious it seems, there could be a better answer there.  Finally, being careful does not mean being slow.  When you get to your state exam, it will timed.  So be careful, but still move quickly.


Look out for words used in a different part of speech.  If you know the word “usury” is when a higher interest rate is charged than allowed by law, then you should recognize the word “usurious.”  That is the adjectival use of the word, like a person who frequently charges more interest than allowed may be a “usurious person.”