One of the first things you should do is get to know your calculator.Not all calculators are identical.I will try to give you the most common order the functions should be entered, but make sure thatís how your calculator works.


Letís start with a couple of tests on the calculator to make sure.Do these functions in the EXACT order given here.


7 x 10 =


You should have 70 on your calculator.Leave that in there and hit the divided by button and then 5.Now, you should have 14.Next hit clear at least twice, and then:


50 x 70 %

DO NOT HIT THE EQUALS BUTTON!That will calculate the percentage AGAIN, and throw your answer way off!


You should have 35 on your calculator.If you donít, your calculator may function differently than most (or you may function differently than most).If so, you should determine how to come up with these answers.