The first thing you need to learn is, YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET DOWN EVERY WORD.


Learn to abbreviate.  Real Estate might become Real Est or even RE.  Real Estate Commission is REC.  Maryland is Md.


For example, if you heard “..therefore, a partially amortized loan is called a balloon loan,” you would just write in parentheses (Balloon loan).


If you heard “..you don’t have to go to court,” write “Don’t go to court.”


Don’t do a lot of highlighting.  Some people highlight so much they might as well dip their whole book in yellow die.


Spend your time in class listening, not talking.  Keep in mind that making too many comments, asking too many questions or asking for too many things to be repeated will take time away from review later on.  Your “contribution” to the class might sabotage someone else’s or even your efforts to pass.