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Amortized (or Amortizing) Loan




Blanket Loan








Package Loan










Pledging real property as security for a debt, without giving up possession of the property.  Answer




The person that gives final loan approval after reviewing the loan to make sure everything has been done properly and completely.  Answer




A loan that addresses the interest owed, plus something towards the principal with every payment.  Also called a Direct Reduction Loan, P & I (principal and interest), PITI (principal, interest, taxes and insurance) or a Budget loan (also principal, interest, taxes and insurance).  Answer




A loan that COVERS more than one property.  Answer




A type of Security Document pledging a property as security for a debt.  A two party instrument which the borrower gives to the lender in return for providing the loan on a property.  Answer




The borrower in a Deed of Trust.  Answer




A loan that has both real and personal property pledged as collateral.  Answer




The lender in a Deed of Trust.  Answer




Charging more interest than the maximum amount allowed by law.  Answer




The interest someone has in a property.  The difference between the CURRENT value of the property and the CURRENT balance of the loan.  Answer