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Your Daily Quiz is the largest free site on the Internet to help real estate students pass their state license exam.In spite of the name, the quizzes donít change daily, but if visitors nudge us from time to time, the Topic du Jour will change at least once a week.BUT, if nobody reminds us, sometimes the quizzes stay on a little longer.Rather than change everything on a regular basis (which, by the way, would take forever), an effort is made to add to the site as often as possible.


The site works best with an updated version of Internet Explorer, although you can still benefit from the site with other browsers as well.It is best viewed at a resolution of 800 x 600.Keep the site open to a full window.


Your Daily Quiz has had over 13,000 visitors (undoubtedly with many repeat visitors) in its first 20 months, and over 125,000 pages viewed! Plus the number of visitors is growing every month.


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