Question #4


Not bad if you haven’t been cheating.  Let’s see what else we can come up with.

The above lot is valued at $12 per square foot.  The building on the lot is given an economic life of 30 years and a replacement cost of $180,000.  If the building is 6 years old, what is the total value of the property?

$144,000        $158,400        $161,400        $194,400        $302,400        $305,400        $320,400

None of the above





You’re doing pretty well so far.

Can you make it all the way?





Question #5


How many cubic feet are contained in a cylinder 20 feet high, with a diameter of 20 feet?


1256          6280          8000          25120          None of the above (or preceding)






Getting tired?






Question #6


That one was probably too easy.  You should have been able to do that one without a calculator.


You have a coupon for pizza that gives you two choices.  For ten dollars you could get an 18” pizza or two 12” pizzas.  Which is the better deal?


The 18” pizza               Two 12” pizzas               Both choices are equal













Question #7


If you got cocky and just answered without working it out, it probably means it took two tries.


A seller nets $17,000 after paying an 8% commission and $2300 in miscellaneous closing costs.  They had a $56,000 mortgage that they had to pay off at closing.  The listing broker paid the selling broker 40% of the commission.  The listing salesperson gets 75% of any commissions they bring into their company.  How much did the listing salesperson receive?


$982.17     $1807.20     $1964.35     $2619.13     $2710.80     $2927.66

$2946.53     $3614.40     $3928.70     $4910.87     $6547.83


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