We're doing a lot now to clean up both Your Daily Quiz and Some state law quizzes have been added to Realty Complete. You can get them through our State Law page. Some e-mails that did not work, should work now. And I might even start switching the Topic du Jour! DRB@YDQ 10/1/2006

The Online Supplemental Course is being revised to accommodate all states and is now available by direct link. One lesson will be added at a time, so it may be a while before the entire course is online. To try it out click here. DRB@YDQ 01/20/2002

Were giving the site a slightly new look for the new year. We are also continually adding new features (although slowly) so make sure you check out every thing we now have available. To make things easier for you, the new features have been organized on our Getting Started page. Even if youve been here before, check that page every once in a while to make sure youre not missing anything that would be helpful to you. DRB@YDQ 12/30/2001

There is now a page on Learning Vocabulary. This will give you thorough advice on how to handle one of the most important aspects of passing your state license exam. DRB@YDQ 11/19/2001

I am working hard to try to add features to this site as time allows in my busy schedule. New Topics du Jour are being filtered into the rotation, which may also allow the topics to be changed more frequently, plus additional features scattered throughout the site. Stay tuned for updates. DRB@YDQ 6/29/2001

I noticed a few links were not working (including on this page), so hopefully theyve all been fixed. State law quizzes are being added slowly, but surely. Help from instructors around the country would still be greatly appreciated, and there are still promotional opportunities available to those instructors who can help. Tell your instructor to click here! DRB@YDQ 4/12/2001

Please let your instructor know about this site. Spreading the word can help you! The more visitors we have, the more we can do. Plus there are some great promotional opportunities available for instructors now. Tell your instructor to click here! DRB@YDQ 12/31/2000