Maryland Law

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This works the same way as the regular Extra Help section.  So we don’t have to put “in Maryland” on every question, let’s make it clear, all these questions deal with how things work in Maryland.  Depending on your browser, you may be able to get an answer by placing the mouse on “Answer.”  To get an answer with an explanation, click on “Answer.”  In some cases, you can also view a hint by placing the mouse on “hint.”


1.   Who can do an act of brokerage without a license?    Answer

2.   How many Associate Brokers can a company have?    Answer

3.   Who can manage a branch office?    Answer

4.   Who is responsible for what happens in a branch office?    Answer

5.   Can a licensee be affiliated with more than one broker?    Answer


6.   What are the continuing education requirements for a salesperson licensed less than 10 years, and primarily working in residential sales?    Answer

7.   What is a REALTOR®?    Hint    Answer

8.   What is a REALTIST®?    Answer

9.   What is the difference between the Board and the Commission?    Answer

10. How long is the license term?    Answer


11. What is the makeup of the Real Estate Commission?    Answer

12. Where does a sign have to be on a real estate office?    Answer

13. What must be written on the sign?    Answer

14. What must a broker do if they move the location of one of their offices?    Answer

15. Does every broker have to have an office?    Answer


16. Does every broker have to have an office in Maryland?    Answer

17. Where do all trust monies have to be deposited?    Answer

18. Mixing trust money with business or personal funds is called what?    Answer

19. What is common law?    Answer

20. What is the maximum penalty the Real Estate Commission can impose directly on a licensee?    Answer


21. What is the maximum penalty the Real Estate Commission can impose directly on someone for operating without a license?    Answer